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                  Stress concentration of brittle materials and Countermeasures

                  Release time:2020-01-08  Luoyang Liwei Technology Co., Ltd  Browse times:1631

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                  Stress concentration of brittle materials and Countermeasures

                  1. Brittle materials are one of the main objects of Hopkinson test, such as ceramics, glass, rock, concrete and some composite materials. Brittle materials do not yield locally, which makes the effect of stress concentration at first hand.
                  2. The flatness of the loading surface of the test piece is peaceful. The special sample making system developed by our company for many years can well meet the processing requirements.
                  3. Because of the low coaxiality of rod washing, the end faces are not parallel, so even if the machining accuracy of the test piece is good, the stress concentration will occur at the edge of the test piece. Our company's low accuracy will cause local yield, so the machining tolerance requirements of brittle materials are very strict. The multi-dimensional positioning adjustment mechanism developed above level 4 can quickly and accurately adjust the through-axis between ultra long members.
                  4. The brittle materials with smaller diameter but harder are loaded by the incident rod, such as carbide or aluminum nitride.

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